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I have always been a massive fan of contouring it can really help to accentuate your bone structure and stop the face looking flat. Personally I prefer a subtle, artfully applied approach to contouring as opposed to the lines and stripes I see a lot of late. My aim with nude contouring is to mimic ambient light, which always has a beautiful softness to it. By building depth and adding light to the parts of the face where light might naturally fall gives amazing dimension and structure to the face. Contouring should subtly compliment a face not create a new bone structure; less is more. Understanding face structure is the beginning of knowing where and how to shade the face in a naturally flattering way.  You need to find the products that best compliment the skin tone you are working with and invest in both creme and powder formulas so you can be set for day and night and different lighting situations. There are so many amazing high definition products available with next to no texture so you can build and layer the colour and not end up looking overdone. Contouring is an amazing tool whether you are trying to slim the face or jawline if done properly you can achieve amazing results. My Tips Start with highlighting the highpoints of the face. To achieve this I use either a lighter concealer or if I want a little luminosity, I use a liquid highlighter preferably with next to no sparkles for a more realistic result. Then add depth to the natural contours of the face the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, temples and jawline. If using creamy formulas, apply before your base. If using powder, do it after the base. The trick is to blend out harsh lines using either a soft fluffy contour brush or your fingers.

If you master the skill of creating believable characters it can add so much more dimension to your work as a makeup artist. Our model for this 70’s vibe beauty shoot is the divine, Ruby Campbell. She is definitely on the rise to stardom her personality is very spirited and truly captures the essence of our Foxy Bronze muse.

Working with the amazing Karlie Kloss for the cover of Vogue Australia was definitely a major career highlight for me. The location was iconic, Bondi Beach, we certainly caused a stir for the locals one of the curious bystanders actually made it into the shoot!! Amongst all the chaos of ever changing weather conditions and paparazzi we managed to have a really amazing day. I loved the collaboration of the team we have all worked together many times before. Sophie and I share a similar aesthetic we start to share ideas for the hair and makeup concept before the shoot to really nail the look. We have a very strong, honest connection and truly support each others creativity which is everything when you want to create some magic!! The results are stunning.

I love eyebrows; for me they are one of the most defining features of the face. They can really transform and lift the whole eye area and should never be overlooked. I personally am not a slave to makeup trends and really advise to love the brows you were given. I always aim to find the brow shape that works best for your overall face and eye shape. Whether you are wanting to achieve a natural or darker brow, it’s the shape you are creating and the tone of the products you use that has the ability to make you look severe or stunning. When choosing a colour match for brows, I recommend not to go for tones that are too warm. Most eyebrows are in the ashy family, even redheads! I also tend to go for products that allow me to smudge into the brow so the shape is more organic and believable especially for day wear. I think the biggest blunder I see with eyebrows is that overdrawn on thick shape with harsh edges may look good on a runway but for everyday it’s an overkill. If you weren't born with bigger brows you can still achieve a realistic result by creating small baby hairs with a fine pencil softly blending the edges so the lines are not harsh I like to use a cotton bud to soften and create a beautiful realistic shape. If eyebrows are sparse, which tends to happen with age or overplucking, I recommend using a brow mascara which will deepen the lighter baby hairs making them appear fuller then fill in your desired shape with a brow pencil blending and softening as you go. I can achieve amazing results using this technique. definitely worth trying! See below for some of my favourite eyebrow products.

It is the number one question I am asked as a makeup artist “How do I achieve Radiant skin?” Obviously diet, good genes and exercise play an important role in promoting great overall skin health. And yes there are many luminizers on the market to reflect light and mimic radiant skin, however makeup can only do so much, if the skin is not naturally lit from within it is harder to achieve a realistic result. The road to glowing skin is paved with good intentions and disappointments. I personally have wasted so much money on testing different products and treatments only to find that they did nothing for my skin long term. There are so many breakthrough products and treatments available designed to assist in the texture, tone and moisture levels of the skin however choosing the exact right one for you can be daunting. I have had the honour of working with many celebrities over the years who all share the same se-cret when it comes to skin; that is to seek out the right skin professional to master your particular skin type and personally work with your skin and develop a very considered regime. Not only will this save you money in the long term but also you will see immediate results and get your skin where you want it to go faster. The whole experience with your skin specialist needs to be a realistic one really think about your main objectives before your appointment. I would definitely do your research into what ethos you are buying into and if it is going to be an organic fit for you and your budget . It may take a few appointments before you find the right one but once you have you are on your way to achieving Radiant Skin and keeping in the loop of ever-changing technology. Once an established skin routine is in place then you can experiment with specialty therapies to target your specific skin conditions and concerns such as Light Therapy or IPL Therapy. There is no quick fix to achieving a perfect complexion it definitely requires you to explore your nutrition and lifestyle choices but once you master your own skin and what works for you the outcome can be well worth the effort.